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Dyslexia and Tommy Hilfiger

Numerous dyslexics accept an imaginative edge that allows them to find wild success. Tommy Hilfiger is no exception.

Acknowledged for their red, white, and blue rectangular logo design, Hilfiger’s garments became some of the most trendy garments in the 1990’s. Although they were ruled out high-fashion, Hilfiger’s marketing savvy permitted him to excel in the market.

“I performed poorly at school, when I went to, that is, and was regarded as dumb because of my dyslexia ,” Hilfiger stated. He never went to college, but he believes that his absence of formal training was really a benefit in the marketing world. Since he thought differently than other designers, he was able to produce one-of-a-kind clothes and designs that stood out in the shops.

Hilfiger recognizes that in order to succeed in life, it takes a great deal of perseverance. He has absolutely proven that fact.

Tommy Hilfiger: American designer who produced his own signature brand. Born: March 24, 1951. It is believed that he comes from a Jewish family and may have required a Bar Mitzvah teacher skilled with pupils with learning difficulties .

By the late 1990s, Tommy Hilfiger had replaced Levi Strauss as the clear-cut American jeans business. In 2005, CBS even produced a reality program called The Cut that followed 16 designers as they vied for a place with his business.

While Hilfiger’s success would be impressive no matter what, it is all the more so when you think about that young Tommy was such a bad student that he never even went to college.

I performed poorly at school, when I went to, that is, and was perceived as dumb because of my dyslexia . I still have difficulty reading. I have to focus very hard at going left to right, left to right, otherwise my eye simply wanders to the bottom of the page.

In the end, however, it was Hilfiger’s lack of formal training that gave his business the edge over other, more well established designers. By welcoming the fact that he thought differently than those around him, he had the ability to create clothing that attracted attention both on the design and in the stores.

I understood precisely what I wished to do: I wanted to build a brand of clothing around my own attitude and my own way of living.

Today, although he just recently sold his business for $1.6 billion, his values remain the like when he initially began selling pants back in 1969.

It takes effort, ingenuity, perseverance and nerve to prosper.

Business Promotion | Designer Glasses and SEO

For 25 years, Tommy Hilfiger has brought classic, cool, American apparel to consumers around the world. His designs give time-honored classics a fresh look, and his discerning taste has provided the foundation for the growth of a global brand.

Under Hilfiger’s guidance, vision and leadership as Principal Designer, the Tommy Hilfiger Group has become one of very few globally recognized designer brands offering a wide range of American-inspired apparel and accessories.

As a modern entrepreneur, Hilfiger is well aware of the importance of the Internet for marketing.

Business Promotion - SEO -Hilfiger

Success on the Internet begins with top page positioning on Google. This in turn depends on relevance and reputation. Relevance is like your own presentation of yourself. You must include the best keywords on your webpage and coding – particularly the Page title if you are to be found for these keywords. Reputation, as far as the search engines are concerned is about what others say about you in the links from their websites to yours.

Google sums up the value of the incoming links to a webpage as PageRank. The total page reputation of a webpage is the sum of the PageRank of the page, the PageRank of the HomePage and a bonus if it is the HomePage of the website that is competing. The HomePage PageRank of Hilfiger’s HomePage is 5. Not surprisingly, if you have an SME website, you are highly unlikely to achieve a HomePage PageRank greater than 4.

Page Relevance for Keywords

If your webpage is to have a chance of top page positioning on Google for a target keyword phrase, the phrase or at least the words in the phrase must be in the Page title and visible on the page.  For a firm like Tommy Hilfiger, there is probably no need to worry about the service or products that they supply: They have an internationally known brand. But the same is not true for SMEs. Consider the example of an optician providing a service of coloured tinted glasses for dyslexia . Certainly colour tinted glasses dyslexia are words that should appear in the page title and on the webpage but a large total page reputation of 8.9 is required to compete with the pages on the top page of Google for ‘colour tinted glasses dyslexia’. Designer Sunglasses Tommy HilfigerTommy Hilfiger, incidentally, being dyslexic might benefit from such lenses although it is unlikely that he would have them fitted in Ray-Ban prescription glasses.

When Hilfiger married for a second time in 2008, it is unlikely that he had to shop around for all the new home items that most of us would need. A luxury kitchen for the new couple yet but I doubt if they did the travelling around to find their requirements. In fact these days, most people look around the Internet first or have a broker do the difficult work for you. This could save you money in the long-term. A luxury kitchen showroom might consider promoting themselves not only with SEO for their website but my other means such as door to door distribution of leaflets around their locality or even further afield.

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