Positioning on Google 1: On-Page Variables

When a brand-new web page is created, Google makes use of 2 elements to rank it for the key phrases it is targeting:

1.On-page aspects – using the keyword expression, words in the expression, basic synonyms and associated words that are visible on the web page as well as in the underlying coding like the Page Title tag, H1 tag and body text.

2.Off-page aspects – the inbound links to the page and the website from various other websites.

Google could test the water by giving the web page a sensible ranking and then look at customer signals such as CTR (click through rate) from its SERP (search engine results page) and also time invested by individuals on the page. These customer signals form part of the Quality Score. Pages that excel, go up the results page and also the opposite holds true.

On-page aspects

Title tag


Google just indexes the initial 65-70 characters, including spaces, in your title tag. The page title sums up the content of your web page. If you are a builder doing loft conversions in Chigwell and attic extensions or loft renovations is your target key phrase, you should place this key phrase in your page title. Your crucial key phrases ought to be placed at the beginning.



Every web page on your site should ideally have a unique page title.

H1 tags

Your headline or web page name needs to be your initial heading – your H1 tag and ought to be classified as such. Include your primary target key phrase. Your page needs to just have one H1 tag but might have a few H2 or H3 tags.

Meta Description

The meta-description can contain more words than your page title. The page title is normally the first line of your web page link on the Google results page and the meta description would be the second and third line yet Google does not always follow this every time – an expert in SEO in Essex would be able to provide advice for setting up your website.


A good meta description for a firm of accountants in Essex may involve phrases like bookkeeping accountants in East London, tax return advice Wanstead or help with financial planning in Walthamstow but the meta description should be no longer than about 150 characters long.



Body Text

Make certain that your body text includes your major key phrases yet beware of keyword stuffing – an excess of keywords.

Alt Tags

Before Broadband, many surfers searched the internet with their graphics switched off to decrease hold-ups from downloading images. Alt tags showed what the image revealed for those people who didn’t download the images. Search engines cannot see pictures and alt tags explain to them the content of the pictures. You could include your key phrases in the alt tags.

Adapted from original post: https://searchenginewatch.com/2016/09/06/guide-to-google-ranking-signals-part-1-on-page-factors/