The placement of a web page on Google for a keyword or phrase depends on the power of any sort of incoming web links. However well your website has been created, whether it is by a web designer in Chobham or a web designer in Chingford, if the website at the top of the Google results pages for your target keyword phrases have a good deal more link power compared to your website, getting to the top of Google is not likely.

The greatest indication we have of incoming web link power to a web page is the Moz page authority and for a website it is the Moz Domain Authority. Total Page Authority (TPA) of a page is the overall total of its Page Authority in addition to Domain Authority. The normal TPA of the web pages presently on the first page of Google’s search page for key phrases is the very best offered screening procedure test for keyword difficulty — the difficulty of achieving leading website positioning.

Keyword SEO Pro distinctively evaluates keyword difficulty for keyword phrases by calculating the typical TPA of the web pages presently on the leading page of Google for all keywords.

KSP loft conversion london loughton Essex

In the above evaluation, the web page in position 9 for ‘loft conversion’ has a Page Authority 34 and Domain Authority 21.

The TPA column is the indication of keyword difficulty. ‘Loft conversion’ is in the Red Zone– SME websites do not have a chance of efficiently competing for these high keyword difficulty keyword phrases but ‘loft conversion Loughton’ might be a better bet.

‘Loft conversion Essex’ (TPA 51) and ‘loft conversion Loughton’ (TPA 43) are in the Green Zone—showing that these keywords are attainable for SME sites with a reasonable quantity of web link power acquisition and using keywords like permitted development or building regulations in specific areas may also be good for SME sites.

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A similar evaluation could be performed for telephone answering companies using keywords like virtual receptionist, call monitoring or diary management.

At evaluation of keywords using Keyword SEO Pro is available for website owners along with a description of the outcomes. Keyword SEO Pro is readily available as an online analysis program.