Tointon was born in Southend on Sea in Essex, however shortly later on relocated to Middlesbrough. Kara is dyslexic and she had speech and dramatization lessons at school.


She also went to the Morgan Academy of Performing arts (M.A.P. A) in Leigh-on-Sea. When she was 15 until she got her part in EastEnders, she dated James Bourne from Busted from when she was 15 until she got her part in EastEnders.


In July 2010, she taped a documentary for BBC Three called Kara Tointon: Don’t Call Me Stupid. The program checked out the influence dyslexia can have on individuals’s lives and the difference various finding out styles could have on individuals with dyslexia . Tointon revealed that she experiences dyslexia , and resultantly has a reading age of 12.


Kara Tointon - Dyslexic

Kara Tointon

In July 2010, she recorded a documentary for BBC Three called Kara Tointon: Don’t Call Me Stupid. The program analyzed the effect dyslexia could have on individuals’s lives and the difference different discovering styles can have on people with dyslexia . Tointon revealed that she suffers from dyslexia , and has a reading age of 12. During the program, Tointon visited Shapwick School in Somerset, which specialises in the education and learning of pupils with dyslexia , and talked with the pupils about their experiences. ] Tointon was taught different line learning and organisational strategies by Dyslexia Tutor Claire Salter.


In September 2010, it was announced that Tointon would be appearing as a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing Series 8, this time partnered with Artem Chigvintsev. Tointon made it to the final along with Matt Baker and Pamela Stephenson, where she made it to the last two, then went on to win and be crowned champ beating Matt Baker and his partner Aliona Vilani.


In May 2011, Tointon played Eliza Doolittle in the West End production of Pygmalion at the Garrick Theatre. She received wonderful reviews for the Philip Prowse manufacturing of the populared play which opened on 25 May and ran until 3 September. Her co-stars were Rupert Everett and Dame Diana Rigg.


In the Telegraph, Charles Spencer celebrated Kara’s “warmth and vulnerability” marking her out as “a starlet of really fantastic potential” while the Daily Express’s Paul Callan stated” the function of Eliza is a difficulty for any starlet and Miss Tointon faced it with skill and charm”.


Kara Tointon: How the former EastEnders and Strictly star beat dyslexia

Article – Mirror – March 2nd 2013 – dyslexia -1740488 dyslexia -1740488

If I hadn’t been diagnosed with dyslexia at such a young age I think I could have gone off the rails

The odds were stacked against Kara Tointon making it as an actress – despite her beauty.
The TV favourite, who won the nation’s hearts on EastEnders and Strictly Come Dancing, had struggled with reading since childhood because of dyslexia , the Sunday People reports .
But her determination was so strong she battled through and found fame.
Kara, 29, is grateful her condition was recognised early, when she was seven.
She said: “If I hadn’t been diagnosed with dyslexia at such a young age I think I could have gone off the rails.
“I would have been a tearaway and gone down a bad route. I was lucky they found out about it.”
The actress told of  her experiences for a documentary called Don’t Call Me Stupid, which revealed her reading age is 12.
After making the programme, she said: “Going back and reliving times when I was younger makes me really emotional. I was constantly frustrated. I was always told I wasn’t listening properly.
“I never felt good enough and other kids used to be impatient with me.
“At one point I didn’t want to do the documentary about my dyslexia . I felt quite vulnerable and exposed but it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.”
Now when learning her lines for a part she uses green-tinted glasses to soften the look of the words on scripts.

Colour tinted lenses can successfully treat people with reading difficulties and dyslexiaMeares Irlen Syndrome
She said: “It takes me a long time but once I’ve learned lines they are in my mind for life.”
It worked a treat when Kara, who is supporting the Quick Reads campaign to encourage reading, wowed London theatre audiences as Eliza Doolitle in Pygmalion.
She starred beside Rupert Everett and Dame Diana Rigg and won rave reviews for her performances in the play, from May to September 2011.
Kara was Albert Square’s Dawn Swann for four years until 2009.
Striclty in love: Kara and Artem
A year later she not only won Strictly  but also found love – with her dance partner Artem Chigvintsev, 30.
Now she wants develop her acting skills further and do more serious drama.
“When I was young my dream was to go to drama school,” she recalled.
“But I didn’t go because I had so many auditions for parts.
“Now I wish I had gone. I still have acting lessons, I have elocution lessons and I’m learning to do accents. I can do Liverpudlian and American.
“I’m quite good at those but I’m not so hot on the Welsh one.
“Strictly was a one-off thing in terms of reality TV. I just want to stick to acting now.
“I still watch EastEnders, I think of those years really fondly. I had a second family and a stable nine-to-five job.”
She finds time to support campaigns to help children with dyslexia .
Ebooks make it easier for her and she started reading for fun a few years ago.
“When I get to the end of a book it is such an achievement,” she said.

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