How to get to the First Page on Google – The 4 Groups of Indicators

The 4 Groups of Ranking Indicators


Google as well as all the other online search engines make use of a minimum of 200 indicators to place websites on their results pages for a particular keyword. They can be split into four groups of factors:

1. On-page – the use of keywords or phrases and also related words in the text as well as the underlying programming which may have been found with the use of the best keyword tool to help with ranking.

2. Off-page – incoming web links from other websites to your web pages which will establish Page Authority and Domain Authority to assist with website promotion.

3. Quality Score – originally, this related to the quality of AdWords which are Google’s Pay Per Click Advertisements. Indicators such as time spent on a page and also bounce rate (the proportion of visitors that only view the landing page) affected positioning.

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For example, someone is searching for a solicitor in London or the home counties and might type in family lawyer North London, divorce solicitor South London or employment law solicitor London. He then clicks on one of the AdWords but does not like the look of the landing page and therefore returns to the Google results page within a few seconds. This will have a negative impact on the ranking of that AdWord.

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He then clicks on another AdWord and spends longer on the landing page before clicking on links to other pages within that website. This will have a positive impact on the ranking of that AdWord.



It is thought that Google now includes Quality Scores in its ranking formula.

4. Digital Footprint – you can enhance your digital footprint by writing articles on your own website and on other sites with web links back to your site and also by utilizing Social Media. Nobody really understands how Social Media influences ranking however it is likely that it is the quantity and quality of the discussions that your articles and also Social Media pages create.