Are you familiar with Google Structured Data Markup or Schema?

An introduction about Structured Data Markup

Would you like your website to draw in even more interest on online search engine results pages? If so, you should consider incorporating structured data markup for your website.

Rich snippets (Structured Data Markup – Schema) are made up of internet material from a web page in a way that it is a whole lot simpler to understand specifically what the website is all about from the internet search engine outcome. Some individuals might call this Schema, microdata and Google frequently calls it Structured Data.

Structured data makes it feasible to show your search results page in a more eye-catching way on the internet search engine results pages. When a study was performed by Searchmetrics, putting in structured data markup on a website produced a 36% increase in the Google internet search engine outcomes.

Google Structured Data Markup has in reality ended up being a preferred part of Google’s internet search engine results positioning formula. Structured Data Markup Schema is the connection of and also to give a makeover of Google’s online search engine outcomes. When Google next trawls over an internet website, its indexing program will definitely refine your markup and make its content appropriate to be used in the search results pages. You need to bear in mind that this process may take a week from when your website is re-indexed.

Undeniably, the enhanced details will certainly stand out from the various internet sites on the results pages as well as supplying better click-through rates. So if you have actually not currently come across rich snippets or integrated them on your internet site, you’re missing a superb opportunity to create additional natural web traffic. There is no dispute about the fact that Structured Data Markup may enhance SEO positions for regional business search and also for products on a website.

Internet search engines want to make it simpler for people to see substantial details online. From an SEO as well as an internet advertising and marketing viewpoint, making use of Structured Data Markup with helps to boost positions for a website.

Google has actually offered a tool for analyzing your website’s Structured Markup confirming its importance to online search engines:

How can Structured Data Markup solve Problems

David Viniker is the director of a Business Networking Group called ebn Woodford which helps individuals in the Woodford area to meet other business proprietors to promote their company with the goal of passing on referrals. There is a website that states that this business networking group near Loughton in Essex convenes at “Hallmark Prince Regent Hotel, Manor Road, Woodford Green, Essex IG8 8AE”.

It would certainly appear to any individual analyzing this site that this is the meeting place and not the address of the group or a property that is owned by the group. This is apparent to people but it is not obvious to computers or the online search engine robotics that are evaluating the web. It is intriguing that the website for the Prince Regent Hotel does not have Structured Data Markup and therefore its postal address is not made clear to the internet search engines.

As of March 2017, no greater than 1% of websites are making use of Structured Data Markup. Some website programmers or London SEO solution professionals may not have really discovered it or might find that it is extremely challenging to use. Internet site owners need to learn to utilize it to increase their rankings.

There are some limitations in the markup options supplied. For example, when you are studying markup for regional services, a few web designers have in truth stated that the most reliable choice for them to define the job they do is Professional Services.

The straightforward choices provided are:

Professional Services

Professional Service

Accountancy Service




General Contractor

House Painter




Roofing Contractor

Radio Station

Real Estate Agent

This can be compared to approved markup for accountants, lawyers, painters and plumbers that have accepted markups.

Nevertheless there are other alternatives for Schema markup that includes Person, Item, Events and also Organizations.

David Viniker studied the top 10 search engine results for ‘Web Design London’ on and approximately 8 out of the leading 10 web pages had Schema Markup.

Rich Snippets that sustain SEO

Despite the fact that you might have structured data markup on your website, this does not quickly result in high search engine placements, yet the much enhanced click-through rates produced by a rich snippet is a considerable positioning signal for your internet site. As a result, if the search engine result for your website is available with images, video clips, ratings as well as other valuable information, the click-through rate on your website’s online search engine result will certainly be better than different internet sites that do not have structured data markup.

A firm of solicitors in Barnet would benefit from putting video clips or images on their website to help potential clients to see the advice they can offer in terms of divorce matters, conveyancing matters or employment matters and if this solicitor in London can put part of this data in the rich snippet information this can lead to higher click-through rates.


Meta Tag content and Meta Description content can be put in search results data but it is the online search engines that figure out what they will certainly provide to the user. If you have established schemas for rich snippets, this process is much more targeted. Bounce rates on the sites increase if a snippet indicates something that is not on the internet site. This could generate an adverse signal to the search crawlers and the site could experience a decline in ranking along with a decreased dwell time. It is consequently vital to take time to make sure the best markup and schemas are used on your site. This will definitely boost the click-through rate on your website’s internet search engine outcome and ensure that the details shown in the rich snippet suit the information on your site.

If the website for the Clove Club – which is the Old Boys Association for people who attended Hackney Downs School – has interesting information about former pupils or former members of staff on it, with Structured Data Markup the rich snippets can have some of the same information and this will lead to an increase in the ranking of the site on the search engines.