Employment Law

Employment lawEmployment law is the mediation of relationships shared between employers and their employees or even with trade unions and the government. Individual employment law is the direct relationship mediation between employee and employer in the rights of employees at work through their contract for work. Collective employment law is the tripartite relationship between employee, employer and trade union. There are standards implemented by law for social norms for minimal socially acceptable conditions for which employees or even contractors are allowed to work.

Employment law solicitors are skilled professionals who are licenced to advise on legal implications of employment law in the provision of updated legislation and fresh case law. Employment law solicitors may defend employers or employees, but never both as this is unethical. In cases of defending employers, employment law solicitors permit employers to test proposed strategies and assess risk on cases that may hold serious financial implications by providing detailed defence representations for tribunal. They can help advise employers on correct authority for dismissing clients to prevent a disgruntled employee from having a case to take an employer to court.

Where a case may progress all the way to tribunal, employment law solicitors manage employers’ defences on the inclusion of taking statements from relevant employees and the preparation of witnesses for tribunal as well as coordinate tribunal hearings. Employment law solicitors may directly present the case in tribunal or appoint counsel whereby they will maintain contact with counsel on their client’s behalf keeping them informed of developments throughout trial.

In regards of employees, employment law solicitors can help employees, Employment lawdirectors, contractors, agency workers, freelancers or the self-employed in advising and representing such persons at all levels with the provision of realistic and practical advice to get the best and most cost effective result sought to uphold their working rights.

Employment law solicitor London can defend either employee or employer with professional guidance from years of experience already gained. Suspended doctors can use this service as one area of practice is ill health retirement from the NHS.

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