imagesOnce again, reports are showing that teaching for children with dyslexia is letting them down because of a failure in the educational system in Scotland. Dyslexia causes learning difficulties in both children and adults and can be diagnosed with simple dyslexia testing and treated through learning techniques and colorimetry amongst other methods. Better understanding of dyslexia and how to teach children with dyslexia is needed.

Scottish newspaper The Courier reports:

Craig Burnett claims teachers at Craigie Primary had told him and his wife Tanya that their daughter, a P5 pupil was only slightly behind her peers — but when he demanded proof it revealed that she was in fact trailing them by years.

Katie has since written a heart-rending letter to local MP Pete Wishart begging for help to allow her to return to her lessons. “It’s left to the teachers to volunteer for seminars for dyslexia — it’s not mandatory for them to go on these training courses.

“Why is it that we are struggling so much for teachers to understand that the way they are teaching children with dyslexia is not working?

“Someone who has never come across dyslexia before has a general knowledge that dyslexics get their bs and ds the wrong way, or their g and their y, but it’s way more than that.”

He went on: “I asked for the evidence of what level she was at and it came back from her class teacher that she was borderline P1, going on to P2. What came out was that the homework Katie was bringing home, or work that she had done in class, had been written out by the teacher and Katie was copying that, and we were getting that copy home.

“We were trying to work out how she was managing to write this because when she was at home nothing she was writing made sense.

“It’s almost like they don’t want to single Katie out from the rest of the class, but they need to — she needs extra help.

Dyslexia Treatment failure“We don’t want to keep Katie out of school — we want her to get an education, every child deserves that — so the sooner we can get her back into school, but with the correct support that she deserves, then brilliant. Our concern is that we put her back and she goes back to where she was.”

A council spokeswoman said she could not discuss individual pupils but added: “In general we seek to identify at the earliest opportunity, any additional support needs that children and young people may have and to ensure that the most appropriate support and resources are in place.

“If any parents have any concerns about how their child’s school supports them [with dyslexia ] we would encourage them to speak to the head teacher in the first instance, who will be happy to meet with them and discuss matters in more detail.”

As education is devolved to the Scottish Parliament, Mr Wishart passed on Katie’s letter to Roseanna Cunningham MSP, who said she has contacted the council’s head of education and NHS Tayside on behalf of the Burnetts.

“Clearly, the current state of affairs is unsatisfactory and I will continue to do what I can to try and resolve the situation and get Katie back into school,” she added.

Even though the Scottish education system is run by the Labour led Parliament, British children are increasingly being diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age and steps can be taken to treat the symptoms. Colorimetry testing by a qualified specialist optician can provide reading coloured overlays or tinted glasses where someone benefits from changing the colour of text and pages that they are reading or writing on. There are many other forms of treatment for dyslexia , London based dyslexia tests and treatments are also in greater number than in Scotland, where the NHS budget has been cut and treatments are harder to fund.

You can find dyslexia testing and colorimetry experts online by following the links or searching for a local expert optometrist. Many private optometrists will have information on their websites and a Google search with your locality will let you know where to go. Optometrists getting to the first page of Google searches are likely to have several years experience in dyslexia treatment .