The Circumstances for Primacy of Hyperlinks (Total Page Authority) for First Page Positioning on Google


Links have superiority of the ranking elements


Moz welcomes 150 SEO professionals yearly to assess the impact of vast areas of ranking components on Google’s search formula. Essentially they can be divided into the following:

a) Off-Page – incoming internet link power to the page (Page Authority) and domain (Domain Authority). The website owner, with 18 years of SEO expertise for his own websites as well as customer websites has uncovered that Off-Page elements have primacy. First of all, PageRank was used to examine off-page impact (incoming internet link power to the leading pages for a keyword search). Google stopped providing the general public with PageRank updates in December 2013 so today some of the most effective metrics offered are the Moz Page and Domain Authority scores. The Total Page Authority of a page is the sum of its Page and also Domain Authorities

b) On-Page – using key phrases, fundamental synonyms and also linked words in the body of the text on a web page

c) Social Metrics – participation in blog posts and social media websites covering Facebook, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube

d) Quality Score – user signals like the amount of time invested on a website, the bounce rate – not staying on a website for very long and going back to Google to try another site for the very same key phrases.


David Viniker’s view is that the best scores for these elements stay in the region of:

– On-Page – 50

– Off-Page – 150

– Social Metrics – 10

– Quality Rating – 20.


Nobody really knows the absolute contributions in the Google algorithm for the 4 points above.

In addition, the importance of Social Metrics and Quality Score are rising.

But the following holds true:

A: For an internet site on the top page of Google for a high keyword difficulty search term: the Total Page Authority is more than 90

B: For a website on the top page of Google for a modest keyword difficulty key phrase: the Total Page Authority for your typical first page on Google web page is around 80

C: For a website on the top page of Google for a lower keyword difficulty search phrase: the common Total Page Authority might be lower than 60.


These can be compared to normal ratings for:

D: A strongly performing SME website. This sort of internet site may obtain a Total Page Authority of 70 or possibly 80. This would be unusual for an SME site – very few websites would accomplish that. It seems to be the case that a strong performing SME website could get to the top page of Google for a moderate keyword difficulty search term but this would never be the case for a high keyword difficulty search term.

E: A good SME internet website. This can attain a Total Page Authority of 60 by putting in effort on social media websites in addition to blogging with top quality fresh content. Leading page ranking on Google for lower keyword difficulty keywords along with some modest keyword difficulty expressions could then be feasible.

F: An all new SME site will have a low Total Page Authority to begin with. If well established, with excellent quality content, with campaigns on Social Networking websites as well as blogging with high quality new content, leading page ranking on Google for truly reduced keyword difficulty search phrases could be achievable fairly rapidly with the help of a great web designer in Hertfordshire. Web link power value and premium blog writing as well as social networking will absolutely be needed to accomplish more in just a few months.


The normal Total Page Authority of the web pages on the very first page of Google has primacy in identifying keyword difficulty. These days, completely new websites are not likely to achieve top page placing on Google for anything except truly low keyword difficulty phrases. The websites should certainly provide blogs with premium quality fresh content to inspire incoming internet links along with improving their quality scores before even low keyword difficulty search terms will be in reach for first page positioning on Google.

ksp dyslexia

In the chart above for dyslexia , search terms like dyslexia , reading difficulties and colour tinted glasses all have a high TPA and are therefore unlikely to be achievable for SME websites. Other phrases like Meares Irlen or dyspraxia might be a better choice.

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Similarly an Essex or East London based firm of accountants might choose keywords like expert accountants in Walthamstow East London, financial accountants in Romford or professional tax advice Woodford in contrast to phrases like accountants or bookkeeping which might be unachievable for SME companies.