Bar Mitzvah Teacher

Bar Mitzvah TeacherBar Mitzvah literally translates as “son of the commandment”, for it is a Jewish law that when a Jewish boy is 13 he must partake in a service he becomes a fully fledged member of his Jewish community. Prior to this age, it is the responsibility of the Jewish boy’s parents to teach the boy the way of the Jewish religion by adhering to the Jewish laws. But once he becomes Bar Mitzvahed, it becomes the boy’s own responsibility to both observe and practice the Jewish faith by following  the laws set in the Torah. As such, the Bar Mitzvah is arguably the most important ritual in a Jewish man’s life cycle due to the enormous weight it bears. Therefore, studying for the Bar Mitzvah is of paramount importance for which a Bar Mitzvah Teacher is necessary.

The Bar Mitzvah Teacher will teach the boy the portion of the Torah he Bar Mitzvah Teacherwill read on his Bar Mitzvah. The Bar Mitzvah Teacher will also teach the boy the custom of laying tefillin so the boy is ready to do so once he becomes a fully fledged member of his Jewish community. The Bar Mitzvah ceremony is the public, formal making of the boy’s right to take on his own responsibility in the observance and practice of his Jewish religion to uphold his right as being counted in a minion, that is, a group of ten Jewish men needed in order for communal prayers.

Bar Mitzvah Teacher is a unique teacher to help a Jewish boy practice for his Bar Mitzvah ceremony. He helps to make learning enjoyable so not to stress the boy out so much that his parents feel the need to employ the services of private psychiatry to help maintain their son’s healthy mental state. However, there is a possibility that the boy may suffer with dyslexia which may make studying for his Bar Mitzvah that much more difficult. But there is no need to fret, dyslexia test online can help ascertain if the boy suffers with dyslexia and if the result shows he does that seeking an optician who specialises in dyslexia may mean that the prescription of coloured lenses may help make studying easier. And what better way than wearing a prescription lens than in a frame of Tom Ford glasses.

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