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New Zealand must do a better job for our dyslexic people

New Zealand must do a better task for our dyslexic individualsOftentimes the education system has short-changed you and your children. Dyslexia is for life. Dyslexic children mature to be dyslexic adults. It is both an excellent newspaper article and a problem story. It is not like childhood asthma - it does not disappear.See Original Post [...]

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New study confirms: cyberbullying rarely occurs in isolation

New research study confirms: cyberbullying rarely takes place in seclusionAll the teens who reported being bullied in any kind had lower self-esteem, and more behavioural problems than non-victims. However, those who were bullied by multiple means-- direct victimisation, relational victimisation and cyber-victimisation ... See Original Post 15 Harsh Truths About Entrepreneurship That Nobody Wants to [...]

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Lt. Gov. Parson tours OTC during seven-stop visit to Springfield

Lt. Gov. Parson trips OTC during seven-stop check out to Springfield(Image: Sent photo) Parson's trip to Springfield also included a town hall on veterans problems at the Midtown Carnegie Branch Library, a meeting with a trainee dyslexia advocate at Cherokee Middle School, a conversation about domestic violence at Harmony ... See Original Article Download [PDF] [...]

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Teenage author releases children's book about diversity and self-acceptance

Teenage author releases children'' s book about diversity and self-acceptanceAlexis Pascascio said, "Many times when children are different, they become the target of others. This can have a dreadful effect on self-confidence and confidence. In this case, my difference was race, nevertheless, it can be any difference such as a ... See Original PostHow To [...]

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'Barbie' gets mixed reviews in a feminist age (Editorial)

'' Barbie ' gets mixed evaluations in a feminist age (Editorial)Still popular with young girls, with more than a billion offered in her life time, Barbie is either just a plaything for enjoyable or a harmful instrument to children's self-confidence-- depending upon who is asked. Like American womanhood itself, Barbie has undergone ... See Original [...]

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Video: Brad Falchuk on Finding Success With Dyslexia

Video: Brad Falchuk on Finding Success With DyslexiaBrad Falchuk is a successful writer, producer and director in Hollywood. He has worked on effective TV shows and motion pictures, including Glee, American Horror Story and Nip/Tuck. But years ago, Brad Falchuk was a boy having problem with dyslexia, fretting that he ... See Original Article LCM's [...]

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What to Do when your Partner Wants to Leave.

Exactly what to Do when your Partner Wants to Leave.Knowing that your relationshipis coming to an end and your partner has left or wants to leave is hard on one's self-esteem. Usually speaking, it's much more uncomfortable to be the one that is left behind instead of the one walking away. In addition ... See [...]

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Family laments mom’s fate under court guardianship

Family laments mommy's fate under court guardianshipHer Belen house is gone, offered by the guardian/conservator who by law can be paid out of an immobilized person's properties. The state of her financial resources is uncertain. And family members in New Mexico say court-appointed specialists rejected their offer to ... See Original Article Family of missing [...]

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M.I.A. Says Trump Administration Needs ‘Help’ For Mental Illness

M.I.A. States Trump Administration Needs 'Assistance' For Mental disorderM.I.A. then connected her observations of Donald Trump to her own experience with dyslexia. Many medical definitions of dyslexia regard it as a "learning impairment" rather than a "mental disorder," but she sees common ground. "I'm an artist ... See Original Short article The best ways to [...]

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Bills to watch in the Senate for Wednesday deadline

Costs to see in the Senate for Wednesday due dateAmended and passed from committee. HB 1046: MS Dyslexia Therapy Scholarship for Students with Dyslexia; modify eligibility through Grade 12. Modified and passed from committee. See Original Short article Why EQ is So Essential for Small company Owners in Automated TimesThink about Sir Richard Branson, Virgin [...]

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