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Educational disability: Assessing the question ‘does my child need help?’

Educational disability: Evaluating the concern 'does my youngster need help?'The need for such a book is indicated by remarks from Rosie Bissett, the president of the Dyslexia Association of Ireland, which gets extremely positive feedback on its own assessment service but gets combined reports about experiences elsewhere ...See Initial Post Parent airs issue over district's [...]

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Bain Capital to invest in Branson's Virgin Cruises – Sky News

Bain Capital to buy Branson'' s Virgin Cruises-Sky News Bain Capital to purchase Branson ' s Virgin Cruises -Sky News ... division being established by British business owner Richard Branson, according toSky News.See Original Short article Richard Branson on Twitter: ""The distinction between a budding entrepreneur and an effective ...@richardbranson I could truly make use [...]

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How to Balance the First Holiday Together as a Blended Family

The best ways to Stabilize the First Holiday Together as a Blended FamilyAccording to some of the U.S. Census Report stats, North Carolinians marry and divorce at a slightly greater rate than other states ... To continue reading, see the Family law Blog site at www.hatcherlawgroup.comSee Original Short article Christie indicators bill needing medical facilities [...]

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Low Self-Esteem is Learned

Low Self-worth is Found outLow self-esteem is found out-- discovered, unreliable info that you're in some method not nearly enough, that you don't matter, that your sensations are incorrect, or that you don't be worthy of respect. These are incorrect beliefs that lots of people grow up with.See Original Article Belly dance workshop aimed at [...]

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Kids still say the darndest things

Children still say the darndest thingsAlthough he ultimately did very well in college, he struggled in elementary school. In hindsight, I need to probably have had Danny tested for dyslexia. When he was young, I had his vision tested. His eyesight was fantastic, but the optometrist told me that Danny ...See Initial Short article Buckhead [...]

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Learning Services team at Truro College take the opportunity to raise awareness of dyslexia

Learning Services team at Truro College take the opportunity to raise awareness of dyslexiaWITH one in 10 people influenced by dyslexia, the Knowing Solutions group at Truro College welcomed the opportunity to raise awareness of the condition and the support available to students during the current national Dyslexia Awareness Week. Taking an ...See Original Short [...]

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Taylor Books shows dyslexia documentary

Taylor Books reveals dyslexia documentaryEmma Del Toro is just like any other 5th grader. Her favorite color is robin egg blue. She loves the snow. And, naturally, she enjoys her pets, that include felines, canines, rabbits, guinea pigs and goats. "I like to play with my animals and check out," she ...See Original Short article [...]

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Contingent from International Dyslexia Conference Visits Del Mar School

Contingent from International Dyslexia Conference Visits Del Mar SchoolA contingent of parents, educators and administrators in the area for the International Dyslexia Association's Yearly Reading, Literacy & Learning Conference saw The Winston School today to discover how the school manages reading disabilities.See Original Short article Man develops font designed to assist dyslexics check out A [...]

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Designing for Dyslexia

Creating for DyslexiaArtist Christian Boer developed a typeface to make it much easier for dyslexics to check out. What are you doing to make your knowing programs as ...See Initial Post Typeface for dyslexicsABOUT four years earlier, a dyslexic Dutch designer named Christian Boer created a typeface that would be simpler for people like him [...]

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